SeekVerify Background Check Review

Our #3 pick for top background check sites in 2023.

SeekVerify is one of the smaller background check sites but to be fair we thought we would include it in our review to see if the smaller company could compete. While the information was interesting and in most cases accurate, we found it difficult to navigate and at times were confused about how to find something. That's why we've ranked SeekVerify in the #4 position. Check out our full review or use the form below to begin your search.

Our Score8.6

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SeekVerify is one of the smaller online background check services. But I wanted to see if they are able to offer something that the bigger companies can’t.

To test SeekVerify , I searched for someone I thought would have an interesting record: actress Lindsay Lohan. She famously made a few mistakes that landed her behind bars, so I wanted to discover if SeekVerify can offer up the data about her wild years.

Log In

The login process for SeekVerify is simple and straightforward. They use a simple Email and password system, and don’t offer social login like some other background check companies do.

Search Results Page

The search results successfully found report on the person I was looking for. But I hit a snag here. It didn’t just show me one report under her name — the search results showed me several reports.

There were multipole reports in California, so I assume they’re all reports on the same person.

Fortunately, with a membership I’m able to view all of them to see what data they have without an extra charge. However, it would be more convenient if SeekVerify simply compiled all this data into a single, comprehensive report for me.

Report Page

The results on the background check report page are sparse, to say the least. The summary at the top of the page tells the sad story. It lists the name, the address, and little else.

Browsing though the report confirmed the summary. There was only one phone number listed (I'm assuming it's old), and a few previous addresses.

Other than that, the only contact information was a single email addresses.

Criminal Records

This was the most disappointing part of the whole report. Ms. Lohan has had numerous run ins with the law and not a single one of them showed up in her report. Based on this I started to question the accuracy of these reports. If her report didn't have even one of her criminal records in it, what else could it be missing.

Even when I browsed through the other reports that were supposedly hers, they didn’t give me any additional information.

Premium Reports

However, there is an option to upgrade to a Premium Report to possibly see more data. When I tried to pull the Premium Report, there was unfortunately no additional Criminal information to be found.

Other information included the name of her business (Cross Heart Productions), her relatives (including her mother Dina Lohan) and tax liens she was involved in but nothing spectacular.

While the premium report does provide a lot more information than the basic report, this particular report wasn't anything spectacular.


The pricing is helpfully very straightforward and easy to understand. A one day trial membership for SeekVerify is $1. A monthly membership is $39.95 a month.

Additional Features

Reverse Phone Search

If you want to track down the owner of a phone number, you could try to find them with the reverse phone search feature. When I plugged in my phone number, it did successfully find my name.

Bottom Line

You can certainly unearth some data about people from SeekVerify background check reports. But in order to get to it, you have to do a lot of digging. Rather than having all of information laid out in a nice and neat format, SeekVerify spreads the data across several different databases. When I tried using it, I had to waste time looking at reports for the same name over and over again while searching for records. The premium report does offer a lot more info, but even then there was glaring gaps in the data.

On top of all that, the design of the site is awkward — and downright ugly sometimes. It would be one thing if the site was trying to achieve a simple look and feel, but it reminds me of websites from the late 1990s.

SeekVerify is still far behind other background check sites, like Instant Checkmate and Truthfinder. If you want a top notch background check experience, I would try those sites out first.